We help our clients to formulate effective strategies for optimizing taxes, implementing plans to achieve those strategies and efficiently & effectively manage tax compliances as per prevailing tax laws, considering all integrated aspects of their personal, entity and group taxation. We also provide regular advices to our clients to meet their specific needs, thus continuously adding value to their business. We are offering services in following areas:

  • Direct tax

  • Indirect taxes

Direct Tax

Personal Taxation

Resident taxpayers

Business owners, corporate directors & executives, landlords, investors, high net worth individuals and government & private salaried individuals need expert personal tax advices on regular basis to know the tax applicable to them, optimize their tax liabilities & withholding taxes and ensure timely tax compliances. Family businesses also seek advices on issues of tax planning & restructuring on re-organisation etc. Companies also want tax effective remuneration plan for their directors & officers. Our services in this respect include:

  • Assisting individuals in obtaining National Tax Number (NTN) and Filer status

  • Identifying and advising on the tax planning opportunities available to minimize the tax burden based on the prevalent acceptable practices

  • Filing of tax returns, certificates etc.

  • Assisting individuals in responding notices from tax authorities and/or representing them before tax authorities on their behalf

  • Advising business entities for designing an appropriate salary structures for tax optimization

  • Drafting and/or reviewing employment agreements for business entities to avoid unnecessary taxation for their directors, executives and other officers

  • Computation of tax liability to be withheld from monthly salaries, preparation and filing of monthly/annual statements for business entities

  • Providing services of preparation and filing of tax returns of all employees required to file tax returns, at the premises of business entities

Non-resident Taxpayers

In view the special taxation requirements for non-residents, we provide additional services as follows:

  • Advising non-resident on transactions before these are entered into

  • Obtaining Advance Ruling from FBR on tax treatment of any proposed transaction

  • Advising the tax implications under various Agreements for Avoidance of Double Taxation (Treaties)

  • Entry and exit briefing and assistance in compliance matters

  • Advising on tax implications of stock options plans

  • Tax equalisation workings

Corporate Taxation

We provide tax consulting and advisory services, to national and multinational businesses, from conceptualization of the tax strategy through analysis of tax and regulatory implications of transactions and finally implementation assistance, from the perspectives of tax optimization.
We help corporate entities understand the simple to complex tax impacts on business operations & transactions and provide appropriate advices in achieving their business goals in a tax-efficient manner.
We provide support to the businesses in achieving high level of tax compliances to avoid financial risks, in the form of financial penalties and possible increase in the tax incidences. This also helps businesses to remain focus towards their main objectives, without indulging in time consuming and cumbersome tax compliances.
Our range of services in the area of corporate taxation include:

Corporate tax–Strategy and Operations

  • Performing gap analysis for corporate tax strategy in place for running businesses

  • Helping clients to formulate tax strategies for new businesses or to improve & align the tax strategies for running businesses with company’s business strategy

  • Structuring acquisitions, divestitures and corporate reorganizations for tax optimization

  • Implementation support to put the structure in place having regard to tax efficiencies and intended timeframes

  • Identifying tax planning opportunities and addressing potential problem areas in the course of undertaking day to day business activities

  • Arranging advance rulings for non-resident investors in their proposed transactions in Pakistan

  • Design tax savings measures for our clients

  • Develop manual and / or automated tax processes that reduce costs

  • Providing opinion for tax implications of proposed business transactions or of new businesses or on interpretational issues in the tax laws

  • Assistance in tax provisioning and reporting

Corporate tax–Compliance

  • Obtaining tax registration for new born business entities

  • Start-up services for companies entering Pakistan

  • Assisting clients in preparing and paying advance tax

  • Determination of income and chargeability of corporate tax

  • Preparation and filing of periodical tax returns

  • Advising on tax withholdings

  • Obtaining exemptions and withholding tax certificates on behalf of clients

  • Assisting the client in preparation, review and filing of various statutory statements

  • Complete outsourcing solution to file timely and accurate tax returns and statutory statements

  • Assistance in the selection, implementation and use of tax accounting systems

  • Approval of retirement benefits funds, i.e. provident fund, gratuity fund and pension fund, from taxation authorities and other related matters thereto

Corporate tax–Litigation Support and Representations

  • Assisting clients in preparation of reply of notices issued by taxation authorities

  • Representation services before the tax authorities including assistance in tax audits by the tax authorities

  • Drafting appeals & submissions

  • Representation and support in appeal proceedings and tax litigation

  • Appearances and arguments before adjudication & appellate authorities

  • Representation before Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee (ADRC) on behalf of clients

  • Briefing Legal Counsel on need basis

Corporate tax–Due Diligence

  • Audit of accounts with a tax perspective

  • Ascertaining the tax liabilities (if any) that affect the financial performance of the entity, once the investment or disinvestment has been concluded

Indirect Tax

Over the past few years, the indirect taxes net, specially sales tax (federal) and sales tax (provincial) have spread all over the economy, covering almost all sectors of business. This is also equally applicable from business managed under sole proprietorship to a corporate entity. Continuous changes in federal and provincial tax laws in this respect, also require the provision of timely and effective advices to help businessmen and business entities to make necessary changes in their business plans & operations and ensure timely and effective tax compliances.

Our range of services in this respect, encompasses the following:

Indirect taxes–Strategy and Operations

  • Performing gap analysis for indirect taxes strategy in place for running businesses

  • Helping clients to formulate indirect taxes strategies for new businesses or to improve & align the indirect taxes strategies for running businesses with company’s business strategy

  • Handling cases involving interpretation of law, procedures and documentation, in respect of Federal and provincial Sales Tax, Federal Excise and Customs

  • Evaluation of existing system and processes designed for indirect taxes and recommending necessary improvements and appropriate controls

  • Advices on classification, valuation, applicability of indirect taxes on transactions and admissibility to indirect tax benefits/exemptions

  • Undertaking comprehensive reviews of business operations in order to formulate indirect tax efficient business models

  • Identification of innovative tax planning opportunities

  • Opinions on indirect tax issues

Indirect taxes–Compliance

  • Obtaining tax registration for new born business entities

  • Start-up services for companies entering Pakistan

  • Preparations of customized compliance manuals on all indirect taxes

  • Pre-filing audit and preparation of monthly / periodical tax returns cum payment challan and refund processing

  • Advising on sales tax withholdings

  • Providing withholdings sales tax monitoring services

  • Providing monitoring services for appropriate custom tariffs to optimize cost

  • Carrying out health checks aimed at providing assurance in tax compliance

  • Handling compliance matters under the indirect tax regime

  • Providing client support services in respect of indirect taxes

  • Complete outsourcing of indirect taxes verification and compliances

  • Centralized coordination for tax payments, filing of returns and compilation of documents

Indirect taxes–Litigation Support and Representation

  • Handling shows cause notices and representing the clients before the tax adjudicating authorities

  • Replying departmental audit observations on behalf of the clients

  • Drafting appeals and submissions before the appellate authorities

  • Appearances and arguments before adjudication & appellate authorities

  • Representation before Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee (ADRC) on behalf of clients

  • Briefing Legal Counsel on need basis

  • Representation before relevant Government authorities on tax & trade policy issues on behalf of clients

Indirect taxes–Due Diligence

  • Conducting indirect tax specific due diligence reviews (buyer side/seller side)