In the current challenging and competitive business and corporate environment, every business understands the value addition and efficiency improvement brought in by:

  1. timely identification & mitigation of risks;

  2. having effective & efficient controls and processes in place

In a technology-driven society, there is now much more need to balance the business opportunities with associated risks and control environment to achieve the desired targets on increasing shareholders value.

In more regulated corporate front, the current Code of Corporate Governance (CCG) requires for all listed companies, to have a proper internal audit function in place within the company to address these issues, to protect the interest of business owners and minority shareholders.

In this segment, we provide services to our clients:

  1. By undertaking their Internal Audit Function on a fully outsourced basis; and

  2. In enhancing the efficiency of their existing internal audit function by providing advice, re-engineering and coordinating the internal audit department

Our range of services in this respect, encompasses the following:

  • Providing complete outsourced internal audit services on continuous basis to have more effective risk coverage and thorough assessment of adequacy & effectiveness of internal controls, through professionally trained staff, to ultimately improving business processes and efficiency

  • Providing assistance to clients to identify & assessing risks and setting up risk management priorities

  • Helping clients to develop an in-house internal audit function to address the risk management priorities and serve as an Early Warning System, enabling deficiencies to be identified and remediated on a timely basis.

  • For clients already having in-house internal audit function, assessing the effectiveness of clients’ own risk management identification processes and effectiveness of controls, internal audit and corporate governance functions

  • Helping our clients transform their internal audit department by making it more risk-focused

  • Assisting Board Audit Committee (BAC) in reviewing the scope and extent of internal audit, audit plan, reporting framework and procedures, as per the Code of Corporate Governance (CCG) to ensure that the internal audit function has adequate resources and is appropriately placed within the company

  • Providing assistance to clients’ internal audit function to devise mechanism and processes to keep up with the changing risks facing the business

  • Helping clients strategically assess, remediate and improve control issues identified to make the business, process-dependent instead of person-dependent

  • Helping clients in identifying redundancies and duplications, in operational and control procedures and provides recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of procedures

  • Helping clients identify shariah compliance gaps and suggesting necessary correcting and preventive measures

  • Helping clients in improving business processes and control weaknesses through drafting and implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs)

  • Supplement clients’ in-house internal audit function with specialist skills on case to case basis

  • Providing well trained internal audit professionals in the desired areas to work under clients’ management for agreed upon procedures

  • Providing resources to clients’ internal audit function to cover the geographic insufficiencies

  • Providing support and assistance to clients’ for specific investigations including cases of possible fraud, bribery, corruption, or irregularities of material nature

  • Services to donor agencies:

    • We assist global clients in the Public Services and Donor Funded business sectors; including donor funding agencies and bilateral organizations in respect of audit of utilization of donations to local entities