The stakeholders, particularly the shareholders, non-executive directors and audit committees, need assurance on the financial information shared by the management and directors, to be able to take correct decisions in prioritizing the use of their investments & resources and other business decisions. We therefore provide role as advisors to various stakeholders, to create value for our clients.

Our core areas of audit and assurance comprise the following:

Assurance Services - Audit

  • Audit of Financial Statements audit

  • Statutory audits

  • Interim reviews

  • Financial Statements compilations

  • Financial Statements reviews

  • Financial Reporting as per IFRS

  • IFRS conversions

  • Other agreed upon procedures

  • Physical verification of fixed assets, inventories and investments;

Non Audit Assurance Services

  • Corporate governance reviews

  • Management audits

  • Performance audits

  • Cost audits

  • Tax audits

  • Shariah audits

  • IT audits

  • System audits

  • Internal controls audits

  • Audit of non-financial information

  • Project Audits

  • Stock audit

  • Share transfer audits

  • Forensic audits

  • Regulatory audits

  • Certifications on regulatory requirements

  • Fraud Detection

  • Other Special purpose audits upon request by stakeholders or directors